How to Enble 5G Network on iPhone 12 and Above Models.


The new iOS 14 update brings 5g support to iPhone. If you have got iPhone 12 or a later model, you can update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS to get 5G Support.

Once you have updated your iPhone to the latest version of ios you can enable 5g.

In today’s constantly connected world, high speed internet access is a must. 5G networks are the latest and most advanced technology to provide fast internet access that can handle the needs of multiple users at once.

With the rollout of 5G networks, users can now experience speeds that are significantly faster than ever before. These networks promise to revolutionize communication, entertainment, and productivity by offering unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency.

How to enable 5G Network on iPhone

Go to the ‘Settings’ area on your iPhone, then click on ‘Mobile Data’, below Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. On the ‘Mobile Data’ page, tap on ‘Mobile Data Options’.

You would see under ‘Voice and Data’, it would be LTE (which is 4G). When you tap on it, you will get the option to get 5G network whenever available.

There is also another option on the same page, to use 5G as a Standalone. Which would use 5G Data for all the activities you do on your mobile. Enable that if you want it.

Now, whenever there will be a 5g network, your eye phone will prefer the 5G network over LTE.

Telecom operators have also been rolling out and upgrading their towers to support 5G

What are the benefits of upgrading to 5G network?

5G Netowkr will bring the Fiber Optics level of Internet connectivity in our pockets. Not only it would mean to download Mobies, Games, and other heavy apps in just a few seconds, it will revlutionaize the world by proviging an internet connected that is as relianbe as Wi-Fi at your home of office.

Here’s a few things it would affect in day today life –

  • Reduced Latency for Improved Connectivity
  • Increased Bandwidth for More Robust Connections
  • Improved Network Coverage for Enhanced Services
  • Smoother Streaming and Gaming Experiences
  • Greater Accessibility to HD Video and Audio

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