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Why Chat GPT will Not Replace Google Search, it will Compliment it.

You may already have heard a lot of praise about Chat GPT. Like it can replace you, if you are not in a creative field, maybe it will replace your job even if you are in a creative field.

Some people are even speculating that it will be surpassing Google as it doesn’t require too many actions to get the actual information about something.

I agree that Chat GPT or other AI Tools that can help you get the information in just a few seconds, can be really beneficial to you, but they can only aid you, not replace you completely, and Chat GPT itself agrees to it. here’s its response.

Chat GPT has become a popular choice for many businesses to automate customer service, but it can have its drawbacks if used alone.

It can really be dangerous at times if you rely on it completely, and do not use your brain.

Let’s compare Chat GPT with Google search. Suppose you are a student and you have to write an essay about Digital Pollution, you can use either Google search for doing research or use Chat GPT to work on your query and get the response.

Google search will offer you web pages from different sources, and their pages compete with each other to show up on the first page which has 10 links to web pages.

Google is a multi-billion dollar company because it has mastered search algorithms, and it gives you options for your research. At this point, you can either just click on the first link in the search results and read about it, or you can check out a few other links to gain more information about that particular topic.

But if you use Chat GPT, you will only get one response from it and there is no comparison you can do unless you ask it to get you another response.

The argument is, you can directly use the response given to you by Chat GPT as your own essay without having to write anything, whereas if you do a Google search, you can only gain information, and then you will have to write it yourself. Because, if you copy another person’s work it will be plagiarism.

If you have a deadline and want to submit your essay on time, maybe you can use Chat GPT but if you make it a habit and start using Chat GPT’s response as your own, you’re actually using someone else’s work that has been the inspiration behind Chat GPT is a response, and it might not be accurate.

We are several examples of Chat GPT not giving accurate responses, and that was only found when the response was compared with Google or the user used there brain and logic to find out whether the response from Chat GPT is accurate or not.

How you should use Chat GPT

Instead of using it as the complete replacement for you doing the actual work.

I have found Chat GPT is quite good at defining something complex. So if you are writing about something, you can use Chat GPT to get the definition of the terminology used in your writing.

You can use Chat GPT in addition to Google Search. It is great at summarising also. You can either summarise your own writing or someone else’s.

Chat GPT can also help you pick things for yourself. For example, if you are looking to learn about how to be more productive while studying, you may not want to do research on it and spend more time doing it as it would be counterproductive.

You can ask Chat GPT and it will respond to your query you can even ask it to write a study routine for you.

So, by the above examples, Chat GPT is good at a few things but we will always require Google search for research work with multiple information sources.

In conclusion, I can summarise this article by quoting Javed Akhtar at his book launch event that I watched on YouTube.

When you lift  from one source, you are a Plagiarist,

When you lift from multiple sources, you are a Research Scholar.

So, it is clear that Chat GPT cannot and will not replace Google Search. It also provides the opportunity for users to ask more complex questions that previously had no answer online. Chat GPT technology can bridge the gap between human and machine understanding by providing an improved understanding of natural language queries.

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