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Take Your Soundcloud Experience To The Next Level With These Hacks

SoundCloud started as a simple streaming player in 2007 and emerged as one of the top players taking on music discovery, podcasts, and more. The app deals with everything audio; you can expect to find all your favorite tracks, old and new. 

Whether you are using this platform as a creator, listener, or both, these are some tricks to improve your SoundCloud experience. 

Download Songs and Convert Them to Mp3

Although there are restrictions to downloading songs from SoundCloud, you can download them through the web. However, you cannot download tracks from devices like iPhones and Android. 

If the artist has not enabled the download option, you cannot download it, and the artist’s SoundCloud account also controls the number of downloads. 

Once the song is downloaded, you can have a local copy on your system and listen to it whenever you want. The song will be downloaded in its raw form; hence, you may need to convert it to MP3 to listen to the tracks across platforms and devices. Learn how to download from SoundCloud and convert to MP3 here

Find New Music Via Soundcloud Tags 

You can use the software in its free-form structure by searching for audio or tunes through tags. Uploaders add any tag they want, and it is one of the easiest ways to uncover interesting tracks from millions of tracks out there. 

The tags will be associated with a specific track in its description, or you can enter a URL of your choice to access the tag and listen to the track. 

Use It as a Podcasting Platform 

You can use SoundCloud as a podcasting platform. If you use the free plan, you will get three hours of an uploaded podcast a month and some basic stats on listeners. 

If you want to build a podcasting empire, you can sign up for a premium plan and get unlimited options for uploading your podcasts. Also, you will get a detailed breakdown of how many people are listening to your podcasts. Moreover, you can turn comments on or off on your uploaded podcasts. 

Listen Endlessly by Starting a Station 

The way SoundCloud lets you discover music differs from other platforms. It allows you to explore and discover new tracks from up-and-coming artists. You will see a three-dot overflowing menu next to every track on the platform. Click or tap the option and select Station to launch a limitless stream of related songs. 

The original track will be taken as the starting point, and then the station will replicate the feeling of listening to music on the radio. 

Use a Mini SoundCloud Player 

You can use browser extensions if you wish to do more with SoundCloud. For example, on Google Chrome, you will find the SoundCloud Player extension, allowing you to open a tab and put all your tracks in a playlist. 

Here, you can like, search for and queue up tracks, see the songs you have previously liked or played, and control volume levels and playback. 

The tracks will continue to run in the background after you have closed Chrome. 

Embed SoundCloud Tracks Everywhere 

A SoundCloud track can be easily embedded anywhere on the Internet so that others can listen to the music, whether they are a SoundCloud member or not. They don’t even need to install the app or press anything other than the play button. 

The tracks come with a share button on SoundCloud. When this button is clicked, you will get the Embed option. Select this option and receive the HTML code you can cut and paste. 

Repost Artists and Tracks You Like 

SoundCloud offers more than passive listening opportunities. You do not need to be a professional creator to utilize this feature. You can repost your favorite tracks, which works the same as retweets on Twitter. 

Whatever you report will be seen in your timeline, and your followers can see them too. It is a great way to show your support for your favorite artists. 

Easily Find New Music By Checking the Suggested Tracks Option 

SoundCloud offers a selection of great music from artists you might not have heard before. To discover new music, explore the suggestions in the Discover section under the Home tab. 

The suggested tracks page gets populated with tracks you listen to or have liked. The platform utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to create the suggested tracks page, which will help you discover new music and artists.

The Bottom Line 

You can become a SoundCloud master by following the tricks and tips mentioned above. This will help you to get more out of this platform. You can remain a passive listener, upload your tracks or share your favorite tracks with the world. You can even start your podcasts through this platform. 

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