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Hotstar Premium vs Hotstar VIP: What the Difference?

Hotstar VIP will cost you Rs 399 per year, while the Hotstar Premium will set you back at Rs 1499 per year.

If you want to opt for the monthly subscription for Disney+Hotstar Premium, you will have to shed Rs 299. However, there is no monthly plan available for the Disney+Hotstar VIP.

After Disney plus launch date in India, in partnership with Hotstar, Hotstar is now Disney+Hotstar, where it offers Disney+Hotstar Premium and Disney+Hotstar VIP.

With the addition of Disney+Hotstar, more content has been added in both the slabs, and while the pricing for Hotstar VIP remains Rs 399 per year, the yearly pricing for Disney+Hotstar Premium has increased from Rs 999 to Rs 1499.

But the benefits added to justify the price. In this article, we are going to 2 states the difference between hotstar Premium which is now known as Disney+Hotstar Premium, and hotstar VIP which is now known as Disney+Hotstar VIP.

Disney+Hotstar Premium vs Disney+Hotstar VIP

A simple comparison between the slides is given on the Hotstar website itself. You can refer to the image above.

Disney+Hotstar Premium, either the monthly or the yearly subscription, offers Disney plus the original language, mostly English.

It also offers uncut ad-free e American TV shows from different ABC, Discovery, and HBO networks.

Other content, like Hotstar specials and Live TV channels, new Indian movies, and live sports, is available for both the slabs.

In fact, for Disney+Hotstar VIP, all the movies, comedy TV shows comedy kids’ content in Disney Plus is available in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

This means the only exclusive content available in Disney+Hotstar Premium is the TV shows and movies from the US.

Even then, a lot of English movies are available for Disney+Hotstar VIP (Dubbed in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu), since Disney is also offering content from the other Studios they own, such as Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and their dubbed content is available.

The only exclusivity Disney+Hotstar Premium brings to the table is English language TV shows and movies from Hollywood studios.

If you do not have any of your favorite streaming on Disney+Hotstar Premium, you can easily skip it and opt for Disney+Hotstar VIP instead, as you are getting all the Indian content along with some great content from Disney and its other studios.

Also, check out this article where we talk about how to watch content available on Disney+Hotstar for free or by paying less.

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