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Don’t Connect to JioPrivateNet If You Want to Save Data

If you are a Jio mobile user who enjoys their 1.5 GB or 2GB per day data depending on the plan you are using. You may be aware that you have come across the public Wi-Fi network which is named the JioPrivateNet.

Sometimes it has a password, sometimes it gets connected automatically to your smartphone. But should you connect to it, is the question we are going to address in this article today.

What is JioPrivateNet

JioPrivateNet is set up by Reliance Jio in different places, in the majority of the cities in India. Places where mobile network coverage is weak. Places like shopping mall public Park etc.

JioPrivateNet is set up to give Jio mobile users a seamless internet experience.

Is JioPrivatenet Free?

JioPrivateNet is free for all Jio mobile users. It’s actually set up for Jio mobile users who struggle to enjoy seamless internet at places where the mobile network is weak.

If you have a Jio sim in your mobile phone and it is active, you will be able to automatically connect to the JioPrivateNet Wi-Fi network. The data you will be using gets deducted from your daily internet quota

Why You Shouldn’t Connect if You are a Jio Mobile User

The question is, should you or should you not connect to JioPrivateNet if you are a Jio mobile user. Although it does give you a high-speed internet connection where the mobile network is weak but several people have complained that the mobile network.

And here is why it happens.

By default, several mobile apps on your mobile phone will download more data when your mobile phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Mobile data is considered more expensive than Wi-Fi Internet in the majority of the countries in the world,

Smartphones have been set up in a way that when they are connected to mobile data internet services are active.

For example, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram have by default enabled downloading all types of media when your mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi, and only download photos when it is connected to mobile data.

By default, all the apps on your mobile phone will automatically start updating when your mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

So, when you connect to JioPrivateNet it is a Wi-Fi connection, not a mobile data connection, which means several of these services start using your internet. And this is why the majority of people feel their internet data gets exhausted quickly when they connect to JioPrivateNet.

If you are Jio mobile user and relies heavily on your daily mobile data, you should not connect your mobile phone to JioPrivateNet or specifically go to each setting on your mobile phone and disable downloading media and updating apps automatically when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Hopefully, this article clears the confusion of why your Internet data gets exhausted quickly when you are connected to JioPrivateNet.

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