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Tools You Can Use for Distraction Free Writing

Would you believe me if I tell you that the tools you use for writing can affect your productivity?

You can write more if you have got the right tools. Below are some of the best ones I use for different types of writing. I hope you’ll find them useful.


Scrivener comes with a cost, it’s a paid tool, but it is also the best tool for writers.

Especially if you are into writing novels and screenplays, the amount of detailing is what makes me a fan of this app.

There are so many customization options that you can make this app your own.

You can get it for Windows or Mac for just under $50, and you can get the iOS version for $20. It works well on an iPad.

You can read the detailed review here

If you are looking for a lightweight writer where you can scribble your thoughts or put up essays or blog posts, below are some of my favourite tools.

Writer (Chrome Extension)

Writer chrome extension has been my long time friend. I started using it in early 2014. There were a few options back then, and I always craved better tools to write peacefully.

It takes it’s inspiration from Dark Room, which is a Mac-only tool, but since it is a chrome extension, you can use Writer on any platform.

Quiet Writer

The Quiet writer comfortably opens in a new Chrome tab, and you can start writing right away.

It gives you the word count stat in the bottom right-hand side in a minimal way.

On the top right, you can find options like, Full Screen the tab, which is really helpful when you just want to focus on the words.

Writer Chrome App

The Writer Chrome app is my current favorite writing tool, which is available for free. I love it because it opens in a dedicated window, runs offline, and can be installed within the Chrome browser.

It means it is available for every platform, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and you name it.

And its cross platform feature is not the only thing that makes me love this chrome app.

There are other features that I love, such as Coffee Mode, the ability to change themes, change the background, run independently from the Chrome browser, you can read more about it on this dedicated article about the writer app.

Install it by first installing the Writer chrome extension

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