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The M2 Based iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 Inch Launched


Apple launched the next generation of the iPad and iPad Pro series in an event on 18th October 2022.

The exciting thing about the basic iPad is that it has gotten the facelift which was long pending, as this new design of slim bezels was honored to the iPad Air lineup in 2020. Apple calls it an all-screen design.

The Home button has been removed and the touch ID has been put on the power button on the top left-hand side when you hold the iPad in landscape mode, similar to the iPad air.

The previous generation which was the 9th generation iPad, it was powered by A13 so there is a boost in this year’s iPad. These are powered by the A14 chipset which performs 20% better, and 80% faster.

Basically, all the specs of the iPad Air have been given to the basic version of the iPad, with an additional change for the better.

And that’s the placement of the cameras for video calling purposes, as the camera has been shifted to the center of the iPad when you hold it in landscape mode.

Apple also introduces Magic Keyboard Folio for the iPad, which has a trackpad along with the keyboard which also doubles up as a stand.

And yes, a new pencil for the iPad as well, which does more with the new iPadOS 16.

Starts at $449.

Here’s the Intro video

Here’s the exciting part of the Apple event, the launch of the M2-based iPad Pro. Yes M2 just made it to the MacBook Pro a few months ago. And now it is in these slim slates, how amazing.

Apple Pencil Hover adds more functionality and use cases to the Apple Pencil.

Although the Stage Manager, which was introduced in iPadOS 16, an iPad Pro exclusive feature makes the iPads more usable with multiple app window management along with External Monitor support.

there are other features as well such as the capability to shoot progress videos, 5 studio quality microphones, liquid retina display, with ProMotion technology.

The feature I am excited about is, 

Da Vinci Resolve for iPad will be coming out soon. I don’t use the Software, but I know how complicated existing software is as I have tried using it.

But my excitement is about the fact that if apple can bring this editing software to iPad, there is certainly a future for Final Cut Pro users as well.

How to Screen Record on MacBook Air?

If you need to record a video of your screen on your MacBook Air, there are a few different ways you can do it.

The Native Solution

One way is to use the QuickTime app that comes pre-installed on every Mac. QuickTime is a versatile media player that can also be used to record video, and it’s easy to use for screen recording.

Simply launch Quicktime Player, either from the dock area or or from the launchpad. Once you have opened it, click on file, you will have the option to start new screen recording.

There is also a keyboard shortcut, Control + Command + N.

After that you will be able to select an area you want to record, how are you can also select the entire screen. You also get a couple of more options such as a timer if you do not want to start the recording immediately after you press the Record button.

You can also enable or disable the microphone of your laptop.

It is a good native solution for pretty much every one. But if you’re looking for more advanced options such as ability to edit the screen cast, you need to look at some third party solutions.

Third Party Apps

Another way to record your screen on MacBook Air is by using third party apps. There are some amazing third party apps available for mac.


Navigate is one of my favorite screen capture / screen recording / image annotation app that I have been using even before switching to Mac, since it is available for both Mac and Windows.

It’s a paid app that costs $50 for a single user license. Check out the key features of the Snagit app in this article.

Free Alrenative?

There are quite a lot of free alternatives also available. There are some amazing chrome extensions also that let you record your screen on your computer.

Since Chrome Extensions work both on Windows and Mac, it can also be used for screen recording on your Macbook Air.

Check out some free alternatives available for mac.

How to screen record in iPhone like a Pro

Recording on iPhone is as easy as taking a screenshot. But when it comes to doing it like a pro, you need to know a few things.

Here are a few things that we will be talking about in this article.

How to screen record on your iPhone

The good news is iPhone, despite being quite a closed system with its iOS platform, still allows users to record their screens natively. Which means it’s built into the OS. You don’t need to install any app for it.

Enable the record button in Control Center

You need to have the Screen Record button in the control center if you want to screen record on your iPhone. The buttons are present in the Control Center by default, but if you don’t have them there for some reason, it can be done from the settings area.

Control Center can be accessed by swiping down from the top right side of your iPhone. When it is from the App, you want to record something. If you want to card something in the WhatsApp app, keep that open, or if it’s a YouTube video.

Swipe down from the top right-hand side and Tap on the Record button. Once tapped, a countdown timer will start giving you the time to return to your screen.

Once the screen Recording starts, the time appearing on the top left side of your iPhone will turn red, notifying you it is recording.

Swipe down from the top right side of the screen and tap on the record button again to stop the recording.

Tip #1: If you want to record your voice along with the screen recording to create a tutorial-type video, press the Record button while starting the screen recording. It will give you the option to turn the Min ON. 

Tip #2: Once you are done recording, the recording can be viewed from the notification area, if you somehow miss it, it gets stored in the Photos app. You can edit the video further to refine the end or the start of the video. You can also crop the video to eliminate the unwanted screen area. 

Tip #3: Make sure your iPhone is on DO Not Disturb mode so that notifications and phone calls do not get recorded while the screen record is running.

Must Have Kitchen Accessory for Healthy Lifestyle | HealthSense Weight Machine for Kitchen


If you’re into a fitness lifestyle, you might already know how crucial it is to see what is going inside your body. And apart from that, you should also count the calories you put into your body.

Because once you know how many calories you are consuming, you will be able to maintain good health.

Some apps will tell you how many calories a specific food item has. But again, this would depend on the recipe used for making their food.

The difference between the cal in your food and the food shown in these cal counters could be used. The best way would be to where the ingredients you use in your recipe and count the calories of these individual raw items. This will be the best method to know how many calories a particular food item will get.

Watch the Video Review

For example, you are making fried rice tofu. You can weigh the rice and tofu separately. And then look for its nutrition value on google. Also, add the calories in your bi using. For example, 1 tsp would have 13 grams of fat.

Liquid items can easily be measured using the tablespoon or tablespoon, but the solid items need to be weighed. And for that, you need a kitchen weighing scale. And I recommend every household should have a kitchen weighing scale if you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle because it is healthy nutrition and good exercise.

I had been using Chinese make kitchen weighing scale for the last five years, and it stopped working, so I was looking for some other options, and there were plenty of options on Amazon. But I found this one to have an excellent design and look quite premium.

So I order it from Amazon and have been using it for the last few days. I should share my review with all of you guys.

So, this is HealthSense weighing machine I got from amazon for Rs 900. It weighs just 200 grams and is slightly bigger than a normal-sized palm, a large-sized LCD.

What’s in the box

So I already have unboxed it, but I am unboxing it again in front of the camera. We get the weighing scale unit which is nicely packed. Although it is lightweight and has no chance of getting damaged in the shipping, it is still packaged nicely. You also get two triple AAA batteries, so you don’t have to buy them separately and get started immediately.

The look and feel of this weighing scale are precisely what it shows in the product listing photos. So no complaints here, and it’s worth rupees 900.

Key features

A critical feature of any weighing scale should be its precise weighing because the ingredients you would be weighing would be in grams. So I checked wearing a few things, and it was perfect.

For example, a biscuit weighs around 5 grams, and soya chunks can be easily weighted precisely to the number of g you want. Even Ruck can be weighed.

Apart from showing you the weight in Grams, it also shows it in OZ, and surprisingly this one also has liquid measurements for milk and water, which is quite precise.

Another nice feature of the weighing scale is that you can put any bowl or utensil and then press the Tare button, which will ignore its weight so that you can weigh your ingredients easily.

There are a bunch of other weighing scales available from this company, but I like this one a lot. So if you haven’t already had a weighing scale in your kitchen, you should be getting one from the link below.

Buy from Amazon.in

Apple Pay Not Available in India, Here’s Why?


India may be one of the hottest markets for Apple products it is certainly not in in its radar to prioritize the country of 1.2 billion people. And it’s happening for a very long.

It’s not only about making Apple Pay available in India, it’s also not being in the list of first countries where the products are being made available.

It is always the second list of countries with the Apple products are launched. But India has certainly progressed to make its way into the second list of countries.

However it is going to take a little while for services like Apple Pay to be made available in India.

What is Apple Pay

It’s a payment service by Apple where you can link your physical credit or debit card, and do contactless payments using the Apple devices.

Imagine you are in a store in India, at the checkout line, and you use your iPhone for making payments through your debit or credit card instead of taking out the physical wallet.

Reasons why Apple Pay is not available in India

UPI integration

Digital payments in India happen through the technology called UPI, where users’ bank account numbers are linked to the Wallet services.

The NPCI has made it mandatory to have a 4 or 6-digit pin to authorize the payments. And since Apple Pay doesn’t require any type of PIN or OTP and relies on biometrics such as fingerprint authorization for the payment.

So Apple Pay just won’t work as usual as it works in countries where it is supported right now.

Payment data can be stored outside of the country

Reserve bank of India made it mandatory to store payment data of Indians in the country itself for better security and safety.

Apple does not have the infrastructure available in India it will either have to tie up with an existing company set up in India or will have to spend time in money to do the same which might take a while.

Digital space is highly competitive in India

With more than a dozen digital payment services already available in India it’s quite a competition. Giants like Google, and PayTM, have already made their space in the market, so it is going to be a little tough for Apple to compete with the major players, and is going to take a while longer for it to be making sense in terms of ROI.

Download Your Driving License, RC & Other Certificate on WhatsApp


This move takes us one step closer to digital India. You can now avail this recently launched service by government of india to download your important certificate directly on whatsapp just by sending a message.

The service is in addition to the existing DigiLocker service, which was rolled out in 2015. And as of 2019, it is being used by 3.3 crore people of India. The official website reports the users to be 12 Crore at the time of writing this article in May, 2022.

How to use this service

To download your important certificates on Whatsapp, you need to have the same number registered with the DigiLocker app, where you have your aadhar card linked along with other important certificates.

If you haven’t signed up for DigiLocker app, it’s quite easy. Install the app from Play Store or App Store for Android or iPhone respectively.

Sign up using your mobile number, link your Aadhaar Card, or other important certificates by selecting from 149 issuers. If it is not showing your document you can scan and upload it into the digital locker app.

The DigiLocker app gives every user 1GB of storage and every file needs to be under 10MB in size, which is quite sufficient for storing a lot of certificates.

How to download your documents on Whatsapp?

Save the following number :+919013151515, as ‘MyGov Helpdesk’ on your phone and send a ‘Hi’ or ‘Digilocker’ message.

Choose between CoWin services and DigiLocker services.

Verify your DigiLocker account, by trypign your Aadaar number and the OTP you’ll get after it. And it ask you which document you want to download.

Apart from downloading your existing link certificates in digilocker, you can also issue new certificate from all the 149 which was currently added into the system, right from the Whatsapp.

Will the documents be valid?

Every document you download on whatsapp, which is linked to your DigiLocker account, has a ‘DigiLocker Verified’ badge on it. Which means it is validated by a government authority.

There a New WhatsApp Scam with the Help of Call Forwarding


A new scam is going around that can potentially costume a lot of money, even friendships and relationships.

Scammers are mainly targeting tips for getting your whatsapp access, but the trick can be e used for or lot more other things as well. First, let’s learn how the cameras are getting your whatsapp access with this new technique.

Hacking your whatsapp account with call forwarding

If you are already aware, almost all the telecom operators offer this feature of call forwarding, which is the convenience of not missing a call whenever your phone is busy, out of network, or switched off. The call gets forwarded to another number that is accessible to you.

It can be activated by dialing a specific code. More details on the dialing code can be found on this article by Telecomtalk. For example, You have to press *72XXXXXXXXXX, where X is the mobile number you want to forward the calls to.

Cameras are already aware of what telecom operator your mobile number is, and with that, we can figure out the dialing code to enable call forwarding.

They have to call you and convince you to dial that number. Many older people and non-tech people can fall into their trap if they claim to be calling from a higher authority, for example, Banks, Aadhaar verification departments, etc.

Once the call forwarding is activated, all your calls will be going to the other number. It makes it easy for them to tu re-verify your whatsapp on a different phone by using the call option. The Colgate forward it to their number, and they can activate your Whatsapp.

Once they get access to your whatsapp, it will be disconnected from your phone. Scammers will be able to contact your friends and family and create an emergency where they need money, claiming to be you. They will be sending a QR code asking your friends and family to pair set a remote using that QR code linked to their digital wallets or banks.

Almost everyone on my whatsapp list will send money if they see a message from me. Especially when the amount is not so big.

How to prevent yourself from this WhatsApp hack

There is a way to prevent this from happening to you aur anyone in your family. Tell them to enable two-step verification on whatsapp.

This can be found in accounts from the settings in whatsapp.

Two-step verification gives you up, which will be required to verify your whatsapp, even after verifying it with the code sent to your mobile number.

The six-digit Pin can be set up. You can also add your email address as a backup if you forget your Pin, and you can retrieve it using your email address. I will prevent anyone from verifying and accessing your whatsapp even after they can verify using the call forwarding method.

Educate your friends and family to do the same and not fall into the trap of someone calling them on behalf of a bank or any other authority and asking them to dial a number on their mobile phone.

Please share this article with your friends and family to educate them on this matter.

This is how your Whatsapp account can get hacked


If you think your WhatsApp is safe and secure, think once again. The app used by billion users might be safe from the server-side, but it is not executed at the user’s end.

Whatsapp has introduced a lot of features lately. One of the most popular ones is the ability to use WhatsApp on desktop sites, and now it is a multi-platform application. This means you can use it on a desktop with white, relying on your mobile phone having an internet connection.

So anyone, who gets access to your smartphone for even a minute, can potentially link ok your WhatsApp on your desktop and use your WhatsApp on the computer, even when you are disconnected from the internet on your mobile phone.

It may sound scary, but it is more terrifying than it sounds.

Imagine someone using your WhatsApp account where you communicate with your friends and family. If they follow your conversations, they can learn many things about you. It can potentially be dangerous for you.

What if they find something they can blackmail you with. If it’s someone close to you, we can find something that can ruin your relationship. Only you can imagine what can happen.

How to prevent yourself from this WhatsApp Hack

WhatsApp gives android smartphone users an active notification whenever the desktop version is being accessed. So and it is not just a one-time notification. The notifications remain active in the notification panel.

But even that can be disabled by someone who accesses your smartphone in a few steps. The notification can be turned off recently by long-pressing the WhatsApp I can, tapping on info and going to the notification area, and disabling the notification that tells you when WhatsApp desktop is being used.

There is only one way to find out if your WhatsApp is linked to a desktop app if that happens. On your phone, find ‘Linked Devices” in the settings of your WhatsApp.

You will find the number of devices you are connected with. The computer’s operating system and the date when it was last accessed. This information will give you an idea about whether it’s your desktop or not.

My suggestion is to keep a regular check on this section if you are unsure if someone is accessing your phone.

Realme Buds 2 Are Quite Amazing Wired Earphones in a Budget


The more the market is getting crowded with TWS Earphones, the harder it is for people looking for wired earphones to get the best one.

Because it seems the options are getting limited. I have been using TWS earphones for the last three years, and before that, I used wired earphones for over a decade and a half.

I was again in the market for wired earphones, but I realized there are not as many options available in the wired earphone segment as a few years ago.

Maybe the manufacturers focus more on providing TWS Earphones in different price brackets, so they are not focusing on wired earphones.

I am not getting into the argument of wireless vs wired earphones, but if you are in the market for wired earphones under the budget segment of Rs 500 to Rs 600, I think I’ve found one.

I recently purchased these Realme Buds 2 wired earphones from Amazon for 600. I like the packaging of these earphones despite it being in the affordable category.

In the Box

You also get your Extra tips of different sizes to customize the earphones according to your ear hole size.

The build quality of these earphones is pretty decent. You can’t expect a lot when you’re paying just Rs 600, but equality is good enough for that price. The black earphones have a bit of yellow for the RealMe branding.

Another yellow part on the earphone is convenient for folding and tightening the earphones to make them easy to carry in your pocket.

Features of the Realme Buds 2 Earphone

✔ Tangle-free wire offered by Realme is indeed a Tangle free wire. I had previously used Tangle-free earphones from a different brand, and it was a pretty good one, but all other features were lacking.

✔ The sound quality of these earphones is also pretty excellent. I find this interesting because I reviewed another wired earphone a few months ago in a similar price range, and the sound quality of those earphones wasn’t that great, although I did not buy them for the sound quality but for the Boom mic.

✔ This wired earphone also has an inbuilt mic. It’s an excellent fit for voice and video calls, both on your mobile phone and laptop. Unfortunately, there is no noise cancellation in the earphones, at least not as good as mobile phones. So, the recipient on the other side of the call would also hear background noise.

✔ There’s a volume control button on the earphone that also doubles as play next or previous track when listening to music. There’s also a button to answer or reject calls.

✔ The earphones as magnetic, so you put them around your neck.

You can check out this video review which also has the audio test from the microphone of these earphones. Although you shouldn’t buy this earphone for the microphone, its presence here makes it usable in many other use cases.

Video Review

There is a Lite version from Realme available called Realme Buds Neo, which is Rs 100 cheaper than this, but since Rs 100 isn’t a significant factor, my recommendation for everyone looking for wired earphones in this price segment will be this one.

Buy from Amazon

Don’t Connect to JioPrivateNet If You Want to Save Data


If you are a Jio mobile user who enjoys their 1.5 GB or 2GB per day data depending on the plan you are using. You may be aware that you have come across the public Wi-Fi network which is named the JioPrivateNet.

Sometimes it has a password, sometimes it gets connected automatically to your smartphone. But should you connect to it, is the question we are going to address in this article today.

What is JioPrivateNet

JioPrivateNet is set up by Reliance Jio in different places, in the majority of the cities in India. Places where mobile network coverage is weak. Places like shopping mall public Park etc.

JioPrivateNet is set up to give Jio mobile users a seamless internet experience.

Is JioPrivatenet Free?

JioPrivateNet is free for all Jio mobile users. It’s actually set up for Jio mobile users who struggle to enjoy seamless internet at places where the mobile network is weak.

If you have a Jio sim in your mobile phone and it is active, you will be able to automatically connect to the JioPrivateNet Wi-Fi network. The data you will be using gets deducted from your daily internet quota

Why You Shouldn’t Connect if You are a Jio Mobile User

The question is, should you or should you not connect to JioPrivateNet if you are a Jio mobile user. Although it does give you a high-speed internet connection where the mobile network is weak but several people have complained that the mobile network.

And here is why it happens.

By default, several mobile apps on your mobile phone will download more data when your mobile phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Mobile data is considered more expensive than Wi-Fi Internet in the majority of the countries in the world,

Smartphones have been set up in a way that when they are connected to mobile data internet services are active.

For example, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram have by default enabled downloading all types of media when your mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi, and only download photos when it is connected to mobile data.

By default, all the apps on your mobile phone will automatically start updating when your mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

So, when you connect to JioPrivateNet it is a Wi-Fi connection, not a mobile data connection, which means several of these services start using your internet. And this is why the majority of people feel their internet data gets exhausted quickly when they connect to JioPrivateNet.

If you are Jio mobile user and relies heavily on your daily mobile data, you should not connect your mobile phone to JioPrivateNet or specifically go to each setting on your mobile phone and disable downloading media and updating apps automatically when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Hopefully, this article clears the confusion of why your Internet data gets exhausted quickly when you are connected to JioPrivateNet.