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Techtip.org is a group of Young individuals who love everything tech.

We established a website that can report all the important news that is going around the tech field.Established in 2010, Techtip.org reincarnated with a talented team of Tech enthusiasts.

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Asif Ahmed


Asif Ahmed has been writing for the web since 2007. He has tried everything from Internet Marketing to the current trend of Vlogging. Always found himself coming back to what he loves the most, that is, Tech.

Bhaskar Tiwari

Senior Writer

Loves tech, but wants to stay away from Social Media, likes to do conversations in person or over the phone than using Emojis to understand the emotional tone of the person at the other end.And loves tech

Mohammad Saif Khan

Gadget Expert

Loves everything that runs on batteries. From ripping out motors from his toys, to trying out Custom ROMs on Android, Saif knows smartphones inside out.

Satyam Mishra

Senior Writer

Started of his career as a calling agent for a BPO in Gurgaon in early 2000s, has been a keen observer of Tech since then.Owned almost every Nokia phone pre-smartphone era.

Faiz Siddiqui

Senior Writer

Civil Engineer by Profession, Techie by Passion. A lifehacker, knows how to make life easy with tech.Has a keen interest in Smart Home Technologies and IoT.

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