Tools and Apps That Let You Work from Anywhere In The World

You know I am a big fan of this, to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

That’s what I do, I am a publisher and my whole office stays in the cloud, giving me the ability to work from any place on any computer which is connected to the internet.

You may not be a web publisher but if you are in a business where you need to communicate with people using emails or track things online, here is a list of tool and apps you can use that will make your life easy.

Skype / Zoom / Google Meet

These services make it easy to attend virtual meetings. These are time savers.

While Skype was already a popular tool for people working in remote jobs. Zoom and Google Meet have gained popularity during the Global Pandemic of Coronavirus.

Google Drive

I wrote all the praise for it when it was Google Docs, now that it is much bigger than that, you can now store your files, bills etc. there apart from creating documents inside Google Docs only.

The best things are, you can email attachments by directly pulling the files from your Google Drive. That’s a lifesaver. The fear of missing that important flash drive is history now.

I have moved all my important documents to Google Drive, which makes it accessible from any device as long as I have an internet connection.

Every Google account gets 15GB of free storage, but if that’s not enough, you can purchase more storage. Alternatively, you can also use Dropbox.

Google Chrome User Accounts

Google Chrome is awesome, what’s even more awesome is the user accounts, that magically pulls your bookmarks, apps, passwords etc. to the browser where you put your login credentials.

I know you won’t do that on a public computer, you can carry a Chromebook or a small notebook anywhere and carry all your work in it. Here are more features of Google Chrome.

My current primary phone is iPhone, and thanks to Google Chrome for iPhone, I am able to get all my bookmarks, browser history, and passwords on my phone as well.


Evernote is another tool that will help you make your life easier.

Make a habit of making your notes in Evernote and you will love how you can pull them on your Smartphone when you are away from Home or Office. I love it, here are more awesome uses of Evernote.


Prior to using Notion, I used a combination of a few tools, but Notion had made life simple.

It’s like my second brain now, which has everything written clearly, and the fact it is available for all platforms, it’s a great tool for people working remotely.

Asif Ahmed
Editor in Cheif, loves the Tech, dreams to make everyone human being tech literatte.An unbiased Techie with a soft corner for Android. :)

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