7 Reasons You Should Use LastPass for Every Online Account

LastPass is a password manager service that works by creating a secure ID on the PC of the user in a manner that will recall passwords and log them effortlessly into the sites of their choice.

We must remember with every account online the data we have entered is saved and keeping it protected is far much vital. As such, there are many reasons why LastPass comes in handy for every online account you might have.

Setup is very easy

One of the reasons why LastPass comes in handy for every online account you own is its ease of setup. Once you have downloaded it, you can then create an account before importing filled profiles, usernames and passwords.

About five minutes and the setup will be complete; you can begin auto-logging on those sites you wanted to log into.

Free service

LastPass seeks to change the security and simplicity of securing online accounts for everyone using the internet, anywhere. As such, they have a freemium model of business operation where all the basic LastPass applications are freely provided.

However, advanced features, such as mobile devices support and other LastPass features are provided at an extra fee of a dollar per month. They will continue being free, a part of their commitment to online users, whether you have subscribed to their premium service or not.

Time Saver

LastPass helps to save time and allows you to flawlessly log into the sites of your choice through a single click login and auto-fill. It is also possible to come up with profiles capable of allowing you to fill in personal details automatically on online forms safely and accurately.

Eliminate chances of forgetting

LastPass allows you to create a single master password and no other password or username is needed. The service makes it quite easier for the login data to be unique for every online account you have without the need to always remember each one of them or even following strings of processes just to recover them in case you forget.

Safety of data assured

Since LastPass works by encrypting data locally on the mobile device or PC you are using, remaining secure is something you can be sure of. Essentially, only the master password created by LastPass needs to be used in unlocking the data and because you are the only one who has the master password, your safety is guaranteed.

LastPass can also be used in automatic storage and generation of a secure and unique password for those sites freshly accessed.

Chance to work from any corner of the world

If you are always on the move around the world you will find LastPass very handy. The service works by ensuring your data has been synchronized securely across all the devices and browsers you are using.

This allows you to access the information you need when you need it without minding the geography or distance. Also, you can also decide to view your data securely from the secure LastPass site.

Mobile friendly service

One of the main reasons why LastPass is the only service you need to secure your online accounts is its mobile-friendly nature.

Through LastPass mobile device applications at a dollar per month in its Premium service range, the mobile apps come in handy to help you secure your digital world and manage its access right on the go.

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Satyam Mishra
Satyam Mishra
Started of his career as a calling agent for a BPO in Gurgaon in early 2000s, has been a keen observer of Tech since then. Owned almost every Nokia phone pre-smartphone era.

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