Keep a track of your Mobile Data usage with these Apps

Lots of Smartphones are attached to data restricted service plans. Avoiding exceeding the set limits requires monitoring the data used in a Tablet or Smartphone through the use of apps that help you monitor the consumption of data.

You will find a number of apps free while others require a little investment.

Data Usage (iOS)

Mostly for iOS devices, the Data Usage app has all the right features that make data monitoring easy and possible.

It is also very easy to install, makes it easy to track for a longer time matching the billing cycle of a user and has separate Wi-Fi and cellular data tracking reports on historical usage while it also helps to set thresholds and even get notifications in case of an exceeded limit.

This app also has a pro version with additional options ideal for customized trackers configuration ideal for the tech-savvy.

My Data Manager (Android)

Also helps with monitoring data usage although per-application monitoring in the app’s older versions was removed with the release of 2.5.1 and newer versions. The Android’s My Data Manager app has consistently received better and higher reviewers from most users.

My Verizon Mobile

Android or iOS

This app is wonderful for subscribers of AT&T for checking out the data usage against the limits of their plan. The most basic monitoring of data is provided in contrast with other apps out there.


Android or iOS

Also the best for subscribers of AT&T who can use the app to look at the way their reports of data usage looks like and comes with other functions of account administration.

Data Man (iOS)

An iOS data monitoring app comes with a free version allowing the basics to be done, which include billing cycles, ensuring alerts have been set up and ensures a clear overview of the amount of data used in the last month is clear. However, tracking the data usage of every app is reserved for those who use the Pro Version.

Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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