5 Things to Keep in Mind While Using A Public Computer

In this age and time, having a computer is more like a basic need. Yes, you may live without it, but, for sure, your life will not be comfortable enough.

For one reason or another, you may not have a computer of your own, and yet you need to use one. This calls for you to visit a friend who has one, or even go to the cyber cafe so that you can check on that urgent email or do a certain assignment.

Since you will be using a public computer, here are some measures you need to look into.

1. Logging-in and logging-out

Whenever you log in to a certain email provider or social network, make sure that you immediately log out once you are done. Thus, no one can access your account again without your authorization.

2. Unattended computer

Maybe you need to rush outside to pick an urgent phone call or pay a visit to the bathroom.

Be very careful what you leave on the screen. Avoid leaving sensitive information. Learn always to minimize all windows before leaving. Thus, no one will be able to see your things, whether maliciously or accidentally.

3. Saving log-in details

When logging in to certain websites, the browser may request you to save the log-in details. Please do not save the details. This will prevent another user using the computer later on from logging into your account without your permission.

4. Clear history

If you have finished downloading all that you needed to and have saved the data elsewhere, delete it from the computer. Also, remember to clear the history from the browser.

This way, you are sure you have given no chance to that snoopy nosey person who wished to go through your things.

5. Avoid snooping

In the same way, you would not want someone snooping through your stuff, do not snoop through other people’s computers.

When discovered, you may be put to shame, have your reputation destroyed, and denied access to that computer ever again.

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