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There a New WhatsApp Scam with the Help of Call Forwarding

A new scam is going around that can potentially costume a lot of money, even friendships and relationships.

Scammers are mainly targeting tips for getting your whatsapp access, but the trick can be e used for or lot more other things as well. First, let’s learn how the cameras are getting your whatsapp access with this new technique.

Hacking your whatsapp account with call forwarding

If you are already aware, almost all the telecom operators offer this feature of call forwarding, which is the convenience of not missing a call whenever your phone is busy, out of network, or switched off. The call gets forwarded to another number that is accessible to you.

It can be activated by dialing a specific code. More details on the dialing code can be found on this article by Telecomtalk. For example, You have to press *72XXXXXXXXXX, where X is the mobile number you want to forward the calls to.

Cameras are already aware of what telecom operator your mobile number is, and with that, we can figure out the dialing code to enable call forwarding.

They have to call you and convince you to dial that number. Many older people and non-tech people can fall into their trap if they claim to be calling from a higher authority, for example, Banks, Aadhaar verification departments, etc.

Once the call forwarding is activated, all your calls will be going to the other number. It makes it easy for them to tu re-verify your whatsapp on a different phone by using the call option. The Colgate forward it to their number, and they can activate your Whatsapp.

Once they get access to your whatsapp, it will be disconnected from your phone. Scammers will be able to contact your friends and family and create an emergency where they need money, claiming to be you. They will be sending a QR code asking your friends and family to pair set a remote using that QR code linked to their digital wallets or banks.

Almost everyone on my whatsapp list will send money if they see a message from me. Especially when the amount is not so big.

How to prevent yourself from this WhatsApp hack

There is a way to prevent this from happening to you aur anyone in your family. Tell them to enable two-step verification on whatsapp.

This can be found in accounts from the settings in whatsapp.

Two-step verification gives you up, which will be required to verify your whatsapp, even after verifying it with the code sent to your mobile number.

The six-digit Pin can be set up. You can also add your email address as a backup if you forget your Pin, and you can retrieve it using your email address. I will prevent anyone from verifying and accessing your whatsapp even after they can verify using the call forwarding method.

Educate your friends and family to do the same and not fall into the trap of someone calling them on behalf of a bank or any other authority and asking them to dial a number on their mobile phone.

Please share this article with your friends and family to educate them on this matter.

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