Save Web Files and Images Directly to Dropbox and Google Drive

We have been writing about how cloud computing makes it possible to never lose a file again.

Now that services like Google Drive and Dropbox are very commonly used by millions of people, the majority of people are still not making the best use of it, or should we say, are not being more productive.

If you use Dropbox or Google Drive for keeping important files handy, you will notice that most of the things you upload to Dropbox or Google Drive have been downloaded by you from the internet itself.

So, you are first downloading something and then uploading it. Not a big deal but a huge time waste, and perhaps the wastage of data for people on data plans.

Also, if the file is a little bigger, you will have to wait for it to be uploaded before it can be used on any other device. (a big deal for impatient minds)

Save Files to Google Drive Directly from the Web

This chrome extension offered by Google Drive itself lets you save files directly to Google Drive. Get this Chrome extension.

Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.
The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension helps you save web content or browser screenshots to your Google Drive.
* Adds a browser action to save the current page.
* Adds a right-click context menu to save hyperlinks and media.
* Configurable through an options page.
* Save a PDF of the current page via the Chrome Print menu

Save Web Files to Dropbox

If you just want to save your email to Dropbox, there is a Chrome extension that lets you do it. Get this Chrome Extension.

There is no direct way to save web files to Dropbox however there are workarounds over it.

For example, you can use a Zapier integration of Google Drive + Dropbox which lets you save any file added to Google Drive to Dropbox also.

This means you can use a combination of the Google Drive Chrome extension I mentioned above and  Zapier integration.

Save the file to your Google Drive, and Zapier integration will save the same file to Dropbox as well.

Alternatively, you can also use this Chrome extension called transfer Dropbox to Google Drive, which also works the other way around, meaning, saving Google drive files to Dropbox. Get this Chrome extension

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