How to Get A Free iPhone – Can You Really Get it for Free Online?

Looking to win an iPhone for Free in a contest or a giveaway, perhaps? Stay with us on the page to find out some creative ways. It’s going to be fun.

So, If you aren’t new to the internet, you might have come across a few tempting offers of getting an iPhone for free.

Sadly, most of them you have come across tend to be some scam, but hey, let’s not write off the idea of getting the iPhone for free just yet.

I searched for it myself in Google to find what kind of results pop up, and there are still a few pages claiming to give anyone an iPhone for free.

One is stuck at giving an iPhone 6S for free, which means the page stays on the Google search result pages since 2015 when iPhone 6 was launched.

Anyways, there isn’t any sure shot way to get an iPhone for free. The easier it is advertised, the more unreal it is.

Get an iPhone for Free with Rewards points

It isn’t getting an iPhone for Free, but the reward points are Free money.

Different banks have this scheme of offering reward points when you use their Credit or Debit cards for shopping.

You get some points for shopping, and they keep growing. The more you shop, the more reward points you get.

Perhaps it can reach a point where you can use the reward points to get an iPhone.

I mean, when I came to know about the rewards system by my bank, I get around $120 in the form of reward points, this is nowhere near to the actual price of an iPhone, but you can reach it there.

Get an iPhone for Free via a Contract with your Network Carrier

If you are in the US, the network carriers offer plans to get an iPhone for a fraction of the price of an unlocked iPhone.

These are usually 2-year contracts where you have to pay amounts like $29.99.month.

And some network operators do offer where you can upgrade to a newer phone for Free.

The Most Sureshot way to get an iPhone for Free

On a lighter note, one of the search results was from Quora, where an answer is particularly interesting.

The answer is given by Rhett Reisman, who is an avid iPhone user himself.

He writes it in bullet points for you to understand easily.

1) Go to college and get a computer science degree

2) Work for a few years honing your skills until you can get a job at Apple

3) Work your way up the corporate ladder. Be ruthless in your pursuit of promotions but not so ruthless that your colleagues come to hate you

4) Read up on management techniques and attend management training courses

5) Find out what C-level executive is closest to retirement and position yourself to take over their position when they leave.

5b) If no C-level executive is planning on retiring you’ll need to identify which C-level executive is weakest and organize a coup d’etat to take his job (Keep in mind you’ll need to make it looks like you have the best interest of the company at heart so your coworkers don’t mutiny on you, but you’ll really know what this is all about – that sweet sweet free iPhone)

6) Become a C-level executive

7) Hopefully, by this point, you will have gotten relatively close with Tim Cook, and he’ll be able to give you a free iPhone but if he’s being stingy…

8) Find out how close Tim Cook is to retirement

8b) Repeat 5b but with Tim Cook

9) Now you are the CEO of Apple and you should be able to give yourself a free iPhone UNLESS…

10) The board of directors veto your decision to give yourself a free iPhone (Those bastards! They’ve been on to you all along, time to take matters into your own hands.)

11) Plot a third coup to overthrow the board of directors. By now you should be pretty good at organizing coups but this will be the highest stakes coup of all so make sure to cover your bases.

12) Once you’ve overthrown the board of directors, install your shadow board of patsies who will do whatever you ask.

13) Hold a vote to give yourself a FREE NEW IPHONE XS MAX WITH 512 GB OF STORAGE A $1500 VALUE YOURS FOR NO COST

14) Collect your FREE iPhone

That’s it, let us know how you are planning to get your Free iPhone.

Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
Editor in Cheif, loves the Tech, dreams to make everyone human being tech literatte.An unbiased Techie with a soft corner for Android. :)

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