How to Extend Trial Period of Paid Apps on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and want to try paid apps for a longer period, here is a tip that I have been following.

Before going further, I would like to mention that it does not work on all the paid apps. You will understand the reason after reading the entire article.

How to extend the trial period of paid apps?

Some apps do not offer trial periods at all. For those apps, this track is not going to work. The apps that offer a trial period, even for a day, might work, but it is still not a guarantee.

To use a trial of a paid app, you have to subscribe to its subscription, which means, when the trial expires, it will automatically be removed, and you will be charged.

If you have added your debit card or credit card to the app store, you can subscribe to a paid app, and cancel the subscription before the trial expires, to save yourself from that automatic charge on your card.

Once you have subscribed to the app, and the trial period is started, you can browse the app, where all the premium features would be unlocked. And you will continue to use all the unlock the premium features throughout the trial period.

After the trial period ends, all the premium features Would Be locked again since you have canceled the subscription.

But you can extend the trial period by revoking internet access to that particular app. This prevents the app from contacting the app servers, which would verify that the trial period has expired and if the services are renewed or not.

If it does not get access to the internet, it won’t figure out if the trial period has expired, and the premium features need to be locked again.

You can revoke internet access to the particular app from the settings area of the iPhone by scrolling down to the list of apps. When you tap on the particular app, you will find many options, one of which would be to revoke the mobile data.

You would also need to disable background refresh, which would mean that it will not be connected to the internet if the app runs in the background. This is what we want.

Internet services will be removed from the particular app; it will not work for an app where you would want it to be connected to the internet.

For Example , it will not work for server-based games where the game app needs to be constantly connected to the internet.

The best example would be the apps that do not require an internet connection to run, such as editing apps. I used this trick to extend the trial period for the Kinemaster App and only purchased it when I was convinced.

I have used this trick for a couple of other premium apps as well, which do not require an internet connection.

Important: One thing to keep in mind, though, is, are you need to make sure you disconnect from wi-fi before opening the app because natively, there is no option to revoke wi-fi internet with only mobile data that you can revoke.

It is a little inconvenient to turn off wi-fi every time you want to use an app. But it is still better than having to pay for an app you are not sure whether you will use in the long run.

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