Dry Mode in Air Conditioners vs Dehumidifiers: Which One Works for Indian Weathers?

India is a huge country geographically, spread across over 3.287 million km square. And is at 7th position in the list of big countries in the area.

And due to this huge Geography India has different weather conditions. The tropical regions are more humid than the interiors of the country.

But, people living in any part of the country have to face high humid conditions in the monsoon season.

The question about, which one is more suitable, an air conditioner or a dehumidifier, will be a little tricky to answer but I’ll compare them both so that you make an educated decision.

Difference between Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner

An Air conditioner is mainly used for cooling the room, and it uses gas that is mixed up with air along with making the air pass through it and circulated back into the room fresh. The gas, mainly Freon, NGOs and evaporation process to produce cool air.

Humidifier on the other hand does not use any kind of gas, it mainly sucks in the year from the room, schools it down so that the water vapours in the air get condensed, and then the air is circulated back into the room.

The water gets drained into a tank which needs to be emptied at regular intervals of time.

But the thing is, air conditioners are more popular than dehumidifiers because of the long summer season in India. And with time they have been improved and the manufacturers have added multiple features.

There are now different modes available in air conditioners such as cool mode dry mode fan mode.

The cool mode is basically what we talked about above, the gas is involved in making the air cool.

The fan mode is actually just the fans of AC working, bringing fresh air from the outside of the room. It mainly works like any other fan on a difference mean it brings fresh air from the outside.

The dry mode, which can be compared with the humidifier, because of its similar function. It also sucks the air from the room, passes through coils that cools down and condenses water weepers from the year, then circulates the air back into the room.

Does the Dry mode in an AC work as good as a Dehumidifier?

This will depend on what type of dehumidifier you used because there are many different types of dehumidifiers as well as air conditioners.

But generally, the dry mode in the air conditioner will get the job done. However, there are other reasons you should consider buying a dehumidifier.

How much Humidity you face during the year.

If you live in a place where the air conditioner is not a trend, the weather is controlled and is not too hot. And you do not already on an AC, then maybe a dehumidifier would be ideal in that situation if you want to control the humidity in your house.

If you live in tropical areas which would mean that he would be facing humidity throughout the year, then maybe investing in a dehumidifier would be a good option because, in not so hot months, you can use a dehumidifier instead of any AC and get rid of the excess humidity

Comparing the Power consumption

Air conditioner, if it’s not inverter-based, can take as much as 2 units of energy per hour, even though AC does not consume that much power when it is run in dry mode, It Would Still Be somewhere around 40%, which would be 800Watt/hour.

You can start feeling the difference in humidity if you run the AC in Dry mode for at least 1 hour, and maybe it will still be comfortable for another hour or so if you have turned off the AC.

But, if your place is so humid that you feel damp, everything is moist, then maybe you will have to keep the AC turned on throughout the time which can increase your energy bills.

Dehumidifier on the other hand consumes one-tenth of what AC will consume, because of a different mechanism, which means you can keep it running for 10 hours, and it would only take the energy that is he would take in one hour.

And by that very same logic, the dehumidifier can extract more water from the air in comparison to an air conditioner.

Try the AC Dry Mode First

The place where I live is mostly dry throughout the year. It is just the monsoon season which is June and July, it gets uncomfortable.

I was also researching about getting a dehumidifier and found out there isn’t much difference in the process of dehumidifying the air using an AC or a dehumidifier.

The only difference is how much longer you would want to use the dehumidifier to control humidity in your house and the consumption of power it would require to run.

So I tested out the dry mode in AC, and it worked fine. Avni means to technically measure the humidity inside the room, but the weather report mentions humidity outside is 96%, which makes me uncomfortable in the house.

But after running AC in the Dry mode for over an hour, it gets comfortable. So I think in my case it is not worth it to go for a dehumidifier.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Even though if you have an air conditioner there are some scenarios where a dehumidifier would work well.

It’s portable, unlike an air conditioner which is either a window unit or a split AC, installed at one place in both cases. The Dehumidifier is portable, so it can work in multiple rooms as well.

You can run it in one room for a few hours then take it to the other room, and run it there for a few hours. So a single dehumidifier can be used to dehumidify multiple rooms.

I found the prices of the Dehumidifiers to be double in India than what is available in the US and other countries.

For example, decent dehumidifiers suitable for homes, are available in the range of $150 to $250 on Amazon.com, whereas in India similar kind of humidifiers is available, in the range of 300 dollars to $600.

Midea dehumidifier on Amazon.com

Maybe with time, and popularity, the prices of dehumidifiers in India would go down, perhaps then it would make sense to invest in one.

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