Sony Z1 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: Which one is the best vlogging camera?

Vlogging has grown tremendously in the last few years. The availability of platforms like YouTube, fast internet, and the affordability of cameras has enabled everyone to share their life in the form of video with the world.

For creative people, it is a great way to express themselves. I was also vlogging consistently for a period of time, and I still do whenever I have an exciting day.

And being a vlogger, I have been asked this question multiple times.

Which is the best camera for vlogging?

This question has different answers, but the simplest answer would be, but the best camera is the camera you own.

Because vlogging is not about creating high-quality video, it is about keeping your users entertained.

For example, the story you want to cover in your vlogs, the way you want to present them, and somewhat your popularity will decide whether people with watch your video or not.

If you still have to pick one camera for vlogging and you are looking for recommendations, I am comparing the Sony Z1, which is an excellent camera made specifically for vloggers and content creators, with my smartphone the iPhone 12 Pro Max which also has got an excellent set of cameras.

Sony ZV1 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

I bought the Sony Z1 of you months ago because I was creating videos from my smartphone for a very long time.

Before using the smartphone, I used Canon 750D for a short time but moved back to the smartphone because of the convenience it brings.

The smartphone is always in my pocket, It has good battery life, and can be juiced up using a power bank. And it also has got editing apps,  where I can edit videos and directly post them on YouTube.

But since I was using the smartphone for creating videos for a long time, I decided to improve the quality a bit and bought the Sony Z1, as it was the best vlogging camera available at that time.

It’s a great compact camera from Sony and a big relief for me in carrying it, because it is less than half the size of the Canon 750D.

I did create a lot of videos using the Sony Z1, but when I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and used the camera for a while, I stopped taking the Sony Z1 with me to shoot videos.

In fact, I shot a complete wedding film using the iPhone 12 Pro max camera and it turned out amazing. The reason iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras are better than any other smartphone camera available out there, is, there are hardware improvements that improve the video quality and low light performance.

The video quality of the Sony Z1 camera might be a little better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera gives the convenience of shooting videos from a smartphone is still far better.

The screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is big enough to be used for video editing as well.

iMovie, which is a free software for iOS devices, gets the job done if you don’t have to use a lot of graphics.

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, meaning if you have a MacBook, you can Airdrop all the videos from your iPhone to your Macbook quickly and then use your editing software on your computer if you have to do complex editing.

And if you use Final Cut Pro, here is a tip that I discovered recently. You can compile all the videos in iMovie on your smartphone, and then Airdrop the project file to your computer, and then it can be imported in Final Cut Pro.

The benefit of doing this is, you don’t have to arrange the clips again in your editing software on your computer, and you can also do minor edits on your iPhone when you are away from your computer. The project file contains videos in their original form.

So, the convenience of being able to carry your smartphone all the time, big screen so that you can make it and even published directly from your smartphone, make the iPhone 12 Pro Max a better choice for vlogging.

Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max 

Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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