Best Internet Radio Apps for Android and iPhone

Music on-demand apps are in plenty and buying a song through Google Play Store or iTunes is very easy today. Nonetheless, listening to the internet radio is a very special experience for most of us.

Radio forms the perfect background music or noise as you get down to eking a living and a handy way of discovering the latest or classic songs that touch the soul in a special way.

No matter the reason for listening to the radio, here are a number of Android Apps best for listening to web radio.

Pandora Internet Radio

A top internet radio and among the first that began offering a web radio service. Through Pandora, you can create stations or listen to those already there.

Millions of songs are available through the app and accessible free of charge, but you have to ignore the ads.

Due to its skip limit, you might want to skip those songs you do not fancy daily. It is an awesome free option to download and arguably the easiest to use.

XiiaLive Internet Radio

It might not be widely known but XiiaLive is an internet radio app for Android and rated favourably in Google Play Store and well downloaded too.

It has 50,000 radio stations ranging from just talk to great music. SHOUTcast powered, the app comes in the style of a music player. However, there are no FM or AM radio stations.

TuneIn Radio

This is a very popular app anywhere you go. The app avails content that hugely tilts towards podcasts, radio and lots of other content unrelated to music. Anyone looking for an AM radio substitute will find this app very handy.

It also comes with radio stations you might be used to, especially for those who do not want anything but FM radios they are used to. While it will get you music, it is in talk radio that TuneIn really shines.

Internet Radio

An app with a name that reflects what it is all about, Internet Radio is an Android app that is very reliable for those who want to play all kinds of radio stations on the web.

The app uniquely supports lots of foreign radio stations from around the world. If you want to tune into an AM/FM radio in Uzbekistan or top 20 hits in Swedish radio, this is an app that will get you that.


iHeartRadio is also a popular internet radio app and hugely leans towards real radio. More than 18 million great songs are provided including lots of selections of talk radio for many categories such as entertainment, comedy, finance, sports and news.

iHeartRadio comes with a couple of AM and FM radio stations. This free app is considered the essential web radio app for all Android users including music fans.


A very unique radio app, it is in a class of its own since it is not all about automated stations.

Each station is personally managed by people who choose the playlists while running unique stuff to them. It comes with over 250 music genres as much as you might not access all of them in case you remain a free subscriber.

Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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